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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sharon Briss: Going Rogue with Zentangle

I adore this book border image from the Relish Reading plate and I wanted to make a hanging for my room using it and one of favorite quotes from Voltaire.

My problem was that I loved the simple lines of the image and didn't want to drown them out with too much color. It occurred to me that I could use Zentangle patterns to add some fun and interest and still show off my lovely image at the same time!

Here is the result:

Stamps: book border and sentiment from Relish Reading plate Zentangle patterns: Up and Down, Hibred, DL Sunray, Japonica, Knightsbridge, Yincut and Fescu and Poke Root.

There are many great Zentangle resources online and the one I particularly like is


  1. Oh what fun! Lovin' your Zentangle, and the images looks great amongst the patterns. I'm off to check out that Zentangle resource....

  2. The stamp looks amazing with the Zentangles. I love the monochrome theme.

  3. This looks fab Shar and an inspired idea.


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