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Friday, November 12, 2010

jean Franks Beck: Imagination Journal

I'm going to blame it on Shar for calling us design team members the "Rogue Crew." It's gone to my head, even if the red hair has not!

You see, I've taken the Relish Reading plate and used it for..... a sketchbook! I mean hey, who says all these beautiful vintage images show people holding novels... maybe they're holding sketchbooks? Maybe that delightful girl under the tree is jotting down card designs in that book she's holding?

The inspiration for this little journal came both from the beautiful images of Relish Reading and from the fact that I sit in a carpool line three times a day. While waiting to pick up my kids, I am either reading a good book or sketching out my next project. Unfortunately, I usually don't have anything to sketch in, so I end up with a pile of scraps that looks like this:
Not very organized, to say the least. So I decided to make an inspirational little art journal to keep in the car or in my purse. Here's how it started. First I gathered my supplies, including an inexpensive, smallish-sized blank journal, the Relish Reading stamp set, pretty papers and coordinating inks, and lots of scraps - and I do mean tiny little bits and bobs of leftovers that I couldn't part with, but which I usually don't know what to do with.
I focused on the cover first. You see that little pile of stamped images on the right? I do that with most of my plates - stamp all the images and cut them out - in order to use them to visualize collage placements and figure out what I want to put where. As you can see in the first photo of my post, I decided on the image of the girl daydreaming under the tree for my cover image, colored with Copics. I stamped the "Imagination" and "Daydream" sentiments on pretty scraps and added them, too. Next, it was on to the inside pages.

I wanted a bit of whimsy on the inside, so I stamped images here and there, every few pages or so, adding in some of those little bits of scrap text, fabric, paper, etc. along with them. I'll stop yakking now and just show you a few of the pages. Some pics are of the full page (so you can get oriented to what I was doing), and some are just the close-ups.

I think this would make a great gift for a crafty friend or someone who likes to keep a journal. Or, as it turns out, for my daughter...... You see, when she saw it, she thought it would make a great sketching-and-Manga-practicing-short story-and-poetry-writing book. So maybe I'm back to being disorganized. I'll have to go start on another journal... I've still got lots of scraps..... ;).


  1. This is fantastic. What a wonderful idea. Should get peoples creative juices flowing.

  2. beautiful book, Jean! I really love the little extras you added to the inside pages.

  3. Wow! What a great idea! I have a ton of sketches in about a dozen places! I love the way you gave such great style to the inside pages as well as making an amazing cover!

  4. This is a gorgeous project from Jean, just love the pretty color choice and the papers are beautiful!

  5. Absolutely a brilliant idea and so gorgeous! Love what you did with your journal! Beautiful use of those delicious stamps and papers!

  6. Jean, you captured the inside of my purse so well...scraps of doodles everywhere! Your journal is the perfect place to sketch those ideas while waiting on children. Love all the details inside. Nicely done!

  7. Obviously a new group called 'doodle scrappers' has been formed, count me in as am just the same... This is a terrific idea as I have some sketching friends that these would be perfect for as well as myself. Thanks for sharing.
    Annette x


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