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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Laura Liddell: Magnetic Bookmark

Here is another idea for the stamp sheet "Relish Reading". This is a magnetic bookmark which just happens to be the size of a scrapling. 8.5 x 1.5 inches, folded in half, I do believe? I have some magnetic tape that I have added to the inside ends of the bookmark. This then fits over a page and sticks together, magnet power penetrating through the page.

This uses 3 of the images from the sheet; the script background, the bookshelf and the saying from Voltaire. I have then coloured it with Inkintense crayons and water. These would make great little Christmas gifts on their own or to give along with a book.

Having made this I can say that I have actually used ever stamp on the sheet. I do not think I can say that about any other stamp sheet I have ever bought! And that is saying something.


  1. Laura, this is a fantastic idea! I will definitely make these as stocking stuffers.

  2. Great idea and perfect for gift giving! I love the idea of adding magnetic strip! Gorgeous bookmark, Laura!


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