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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sharon Briss: Tagging Old Man Winter

I've decided to "play tag" with Old Man Winter. It's being typical March - one day bitter and cold and the next bright and bold. I still have snow and there's no daffodils in sight so I decided to have a little fun time with my Snow Hugs plate and make a one-layer tag.

On a standard shipping tag (which I buy in bulk at the stationary store for $20.00/1000 rather than at the craft store for $4.00/10), I started to layer my various stamps from the Snow Hugs plate. I started with the dot background in a soft caramel and then added some fun toques in chocolate. From there it was easy to fill in with green pine boughs, red hearts and pink x's and o's. I finished off by adding the sentiment and some fuzzy wool for a fun tassel.

The final result:

Have a great day whatever your weather!


  1. Great tag!. Great use of the stamps. Works real well.

  2. Such a sweet winter warm up tag Shar. You must have got the storm that passed through here last week. NO MORE SNOW!!!!! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  3. A great tag and great use of the stamps.

  4. Love the layering - great tag!

  5. Brilliant tag. xx


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