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Friday, July 8, 2011

Laura Liddell: Scraplings

Some of you may remember that I love "Scraplings". A little while ago I had no idea what these were. I must admit I secretly thought they were rather an odd concept. To make such small cards. But once Gingersnaps had them as a swap challenge and I started making them I just thought, wow, I love these.

Looking at the most recent stamps from Rogue Redhead it felt that they would be perfect for scraplings. So here are just a few to start you off. They are also perfect for getting over crafters block. If you are feeling puzzled as to what to do one day,  may I suggest you just make a scrapling. I find it can really help to break down the block one may be experiencing and then leads on to other thoughts.

Why not try it sometime.


  1. Love these, Laura! Yes, I agree they are rather addicting! :)

  2. These scraplings are gorgeous, Laura! Love them! I never thought I'd be addicted to them either but I totally am.

  3. I love your scraplings - these stamps ARE a perfect fit for that size. I love having them around for bookmarks.


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