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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deb Corder: Watercolor Babe

When I first saw this beautiful BEACH BABES set, I knew I needed to drag my watercolors out.
I'm not a watercolor artist (as you can tell), but awhile back I took a class from Dave Brethauer from Memory Box Stamps. Dave taught us the basics of water-coloring with Twinkling H2O's. Creating beautiful backgrounds is pretty easy.

I spray my paper (cold press 140lbs watercolor paper) with a water bottle and let it sit for a minute. At the same time I spray the watercolors and let them soak up some water. Then by just loading your brush and moving it in stripes across the paper - the colors will mix, pool, and generally make you say WOW!

I have tons of H2O's but recently I purchased this tray of opalescent watercolors from Red Lead Paperworks. I like the vintage colors. They aren't as bright as H2Os.

After the color dried I decided there wasn't a horizon line. I'm not sure you can tell in this picture, but I used my white Souffle pen and some glass glitter create the look of foamy water hitting the beach.

I hope you give water-coloring a try!

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