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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stephanie Severin: Vintage Button Birthday

I love the versatility of the Calendar Ledger in the Relish Reading plate. For this card, I stamped it, embossed the stamped paper with gears, and then added a bit more Distress Ink for a great background piece.

The card base and vintage photos are pages from a 1050 Popular Science Magazine that I found at an estate sale. It reminds me of my grandfather tinkering in his machine shop when he was young.

I added die cut gears, digital gears, and some of my step-mom's vintage buttons for my machinery. I finished with a sentiment from Bits & Pieces stamped in the aged margin of one of the magazine pages.


  1. What a great piece! Yes, that ledger is so very versatile - fun idea to use it this way.

  2. A truly fabulous and fun card!


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