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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We've Caught Shelly Redhead-handed!

Shelly made this excellent card for her grad school-bound daughter! Isn't it perfect?

As you can see, Shelly used the sitting girl, flourish and Almanac background from the Relish Reading plate and did a fabulous job watercoloring the main image. She added some Prisma pencil details in to finish it off. She finished this lovely card off with a sensational background and custom bottle cap embellishment!

To see more of Shelly's wonderful art, visit her blog, My Creative Rumblings.

Thanks Shelly for being a Rogue on the Run! We'll have an APB out for your next roguish creation for sure!

If you would like your art featured on the RRD blog, just email us a picture of your Rogue Redhead art!


  1. Wowza, this is gorgeous! Had to go over to Shelly's to take a closer look. Beautiful work.

  2. Love the softness the pencils created on this card.

  3. wow, it looks very pretty! I'm impressed your precision and style. I used to try scrapbooking, but it's not for me i think:( I preffer jewellery and flower felts. :)
    take care, hugs from Poland:)!


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