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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sharon Briss: Antique Book Plates

While reading through my latest issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter, I came across a tutorial on how to create Antique Bookplates. Knowing my obsession with all things literary, you all know I just HAD to try this one out.

I started with my go-to plate for all things involved with literature - Relish Reading - and created a vintage feel bookplate from the wonderfully detailed tutorial!

Of course, I had to go Rogue and not completely follow instructions. What else is new? So, I double matted my ATC sized bookplates and mounted them on cards. I seem to do that a lot with my ATCs lately....hmmm.

Stamps: swingers, book and Almanac page background from Relish Reading

For the second card, I kept out my Almanac page background from Relish Reading and inked up a soon-to-be-released image from Milliner Misses.

This particular young lady you may recognize from my logo. Her name is Dot in remembrance of my fantastic flapper grandmother, Doris. I'll introduce you to the rest of "the girls" when we release this stylish mini plate next month.

Stamps: Dot from Milliner Misses and Almanac page background from Relish Reading.

Hope you all go rogue while trying new things!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh these are some awesome bookplates/cards! Now I wanna pull out my reading set and case you! :-)

  2. This look fantastic bookplates!

  3. These are wonderful - I love the way you've used the almanac page!


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