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Monday, January 16, 2012

Penny Bennington: Fashionable Vellum

A new Rebel Challenge has been issued for this month, and I wanted to experiment a bit with my piece of vellum. First I stamped the trio from Milliner Misses onto vellum and then colored it from the back side using colored pencils. I'm just not good at coloring and doing it this way hides my mistakes! Once I had my image colored, I ran my piece of vellum though my Cuttlebug using a frame embossing folder. Embossed vellum always gives a cool white effect and I added more white (also on the back with a colored pencil) to make it even more obvious.

So what did I do with my piece then?

I created this collage for it using 7Gypsies tissue paper with French place names and a page from an old French dictionary.

I completely avoided the difficulties of adhering vellum; by creating decorative corner punches in my image mat, I could just slip the piece of vellum under each corner punch. Hope to see your project using vellum!


  1. Great card!! I love the Miliner Misses and you really made them stand out.

  2. So pretty and elegant! Love the Misses in the vellum frame!

  3. Just totally awesome, Penny. Had to LOL about your remark for adhereing vellum. Been there so many times.

  4. A fabulous piece, looks really wonderful.


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