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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sharon Briss: Anchored by a Stamped Background

I have been busy making cards with all those stamped backgrounds I created. One of them seemed to be calling out to me to create a card with the sea in mind. To start, I picked this great anchor from Beach Babes and used a sentiment for the same set.

I paired it with this background which includes 3 background stamps - Crazy Dots from Snow Hugs, Netted from Just Sayin' and Sandy Beach from Beach Babes.

I really like how it came together!

If you like creating stamped backgrounds, why not join in the newest Rebel Challenge? You can show off your awesome inky backgrounds!


  1. Wow, this color combo is awesome! I love how the background really pops out at you.

  2. Love those 2 background together. Great thinking!


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