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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Simple Set Saturday: Gate Open Spaces

To say that I am a paperaholic is to put it mildly. I am in love with pattern, color and coordinating designs. That's why I am making gate-fold cards today! They are a fantastic way to show off pretty papers and I find them quick and easy to put together. Surprised? So was I!

Another thing to love about gate-fold cards is that I get to use up "the other half" of my cardstock. I so often cut an 8.5" x 11.0" piece of cardstock in half for a single card and then the other half lies there neglected begging to be put to use. I keep them all stacked neatly on my craft table but I don't always remember to raid my stash for my next make.

For today's cards, I pulled out all my halves and one of the Graphic 45 paper packs I had purchased awhile ago. It has lovely vintage designs with close tight patterns. I matched 4 of my halves to the pretty papers, picking out one light and one dark designer paper for each card. I went with strong but deep colors with the cardstock.

Gate-folds are nice and easy and can be made from a variety of sizes. You can make tall, small, long or wide. To make a gate-fold, you just need to know the measurement of 1/4 of the length of your card. It's Saturday so I didn't want to do too much hard math. I trimmed my 8.5" length to 8" so I didn't have to fiddle around with 1/8" measurements.

I don't have any fancy scoring machines or gizmos. so I just use my cutting board with its lovely grid, a straight ruler and a hand-held scoring tool (although the edge of a bone folder would work too). I lined up my cardstock on my cutting board and, using my ruler, scored my cardstock at 2" and 6".

I folded the edges in and used a bone folder to crease the folds more crisply as well as adjust how the edges met.

Using my measurements (card base of 5.5" x 8"), you need 4 pieces of patterned paper measuring 5.25" x 1.75" for the inside panels and two pieces of patterned paper measuring 5.25" x 3.75" for the inside and back of the card.

You can mix and match as you desire. Keep all your scraps as they will come in handy for the stamped portion.

When the paper panels are cut, adhere them all to your card - inside and out.

Once I've adhered all the patterned paper panels, I turned my attention to creating a panel for the front of the card. For this front panel, I stayed pretty simple. I stamped a single image onto coordinating cardstock and framed it in patterned paper and matted it with the same cardstock.

To add a nice finish, use some of your scraps to cover the back of the front panel. You don't need to cover the whole back - only half - as half will be adhered to the card. It's a nice finish and uses up more of your scraps!

Put adhesive on the HALF of the front panel that will stay fixed to the card. DO NOT PUT ADHESIVE ON THE WHOLE BACK or you'll end up with a very pretty "tube" of paper and not a card at all. Close the "gate" so it lies flat and place your front panel down, pressing the adhesive down flat. I find doing it this way, I don't have any problems with positioning.

The last thing you have to do is create an inside panel. I tried a few different things with the inside panels on this set. With all that patterned paper, it's nice to leave part of the inner panel free to write a note or salutation. I decided to use the same pattern as the outer panel - cardstock matted with designer paper mounted on another piece of the same cardstock.

I have a few acrylic blocks with those handy lines etched into the surface for aligning your sentiments nicely but when one isn't close at hand, I just use the lines on my cutting mat - aligning the block first and then the sentiment. Works every time!

I like to close my cards with a little Velcro as it is quick and simple and stable. I place one of the dots on the back of my front panel, usually the hook part. I add the coordinating loop dot right on top, as if it was closed, leaving the adhesive side up. All I need to do then is close the card to get the second dot placed perfectly.

I kept this bare bones as it is "Simple Set Saturday", but you can really dress up these cards, add tons more stamping and lots of lovely embellishments. For a fancier closure, you can use ribbon or twine or even a tab closure.

Here's a closer look at my quickie versions of this fun format:

Stamps: couple and sentiment from Just Sayin' plate.

Stamps: woman, cat and sentiment from Just Sayin' plate.

Stamps: old gent from Just Sayin' plate and sentiments from Bits and Pieces.

Stamps: disgruntled youth and sentiments from Just Sayin' plate.

Hope you try this format out to get a head start on our upcoming Rebel Challenge! Come back next Saturday to see more gate-folds and to join in! Yes, that was a hint for a regular readers :)


  1. Fabulous set of cards and a great way to use up your stash!

  2. I may have to try one of these, Shar! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous cards, xoxo

  3. Great cards! Love the DSP you used- and a great idea to use up some stash!

  4. Thanks for the great tutorial. I always appreciate getting some measurements for a project. This stamp set made a great set of cards!

  5. ROFL - I love your math, Shar!!! I'm definitely going to use your measurements when I try my gatefold card - math is NOT my thing! LOL


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