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Friday, May 4, 2012

Laura Liddell: Vintage Pastels

I am not sure whether I have come up with a new term or not? "Vintage Pastels" What do you think? It was a thought that came to me whilst punching out these colours. Not quite as pretty as "pastels".
Regardless, I had lots of fun creating this card. They should be inchies but they are not. Has anyone succeeded in buying an inch square punch in the UK? There are plenty out there marked as an inch, but blow me they are measured across the diagonal and not the edges. So these squares are probably a 2 inch square measured across the diagonal, which gives an odd measurement of about 1 3/8 th or something odd like that on the edges.

But I did have fun stamping a variety of images from the Rogue Redhead plates onto the squares and putting them together. I think it is a great way to use the stamps in a different way.


  1. Mmmm great vintage pastels and I agree a superb way to use stamps and put different designs together.
    Square pinches are a nightmare aren't they?
    Have a great BHW.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  2. Great card and design, Stef! Vintage pastels works for me!


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