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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Simple Set Saturday: Cleanly Sentimental

Talk about easy!  These clean ad simple hexagon cards go together in a flash and allow you to put some pizzazz on the paper while still focusing on the sentiment.

To start, I punched a bunch of hexagons out of a colorful scrap of designer paper I had in my basket.  I love working with this great shape as there are so many ways to arrange and play with them as you can see!

For this set, I turned to my Bits and Pieces set with all its fun sentiments and I borrowed the final sentiment from my Floriculture set. These sets are paired together

In this first card, I have used a typical honeycomb pattern along-side my sentiment.  They are easy to put together in fairly uniform patterns as long as you keep lining up the edges.

I turned the card and opened up the pattern a bit for a slightly different look.

The next card, I thought the hexagons would look great as decorative look emanating from corners with the sentiment in the middle.

For the last card, I used all one pattern for my hexagons let them meander across my page.  I stamped the sentiment in the nooks and crannies that were created.


I hope you liked these simple cards!  They would make a great set to give to Mom on Mother's Day!

Update: I was asked a few times about the punch I used.  It is a Hexagon Shape Maker from Creative Memories with two hexagon shapes in the same punch which I bought several years back.  Although this punch appears not to be available anymore, there are hexagon dies for die cutting systems such as Sizzix and Spellbinders.  You can also look for quilting templates for a slightly more cumbersome but still viable solution to hand drawing.


  1. Hi Shar. Thanks for sharing your stunning but simple creations. Annie :)

  2. Shar, thanks for sharing yet another simple and wonderful idea! i don't have a hexagon punch but this could work with other shapes too. i'm going to start punching! thanks very much. xo

  3. These look great... so interesting how the placement changes everything, and it seems like hexagons and chevrons are all the rage lately!

  4. Great idea. The cards are all lovely.

  5. Great idea. Repeating a fabulous shape looks great.


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