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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sharon Briss: Grin and Bear It

This little bear may not be the perkiest creature you'll run into, but he certainly can cheer up one of your friends on a tough day. He looks like we feel when someone gives up the chipper advice to "grin and bear it". Okay, well maybe that's only me.

I love harlequin paper so it seemed a great fit for my little bear.  Originally, he had a lot of white next to him but I decided to use an extra piece of designer paper to brighten up the empty spot.  I tried to get it to line up with the other harlequin diamonds which wasn't as hard as I thought.

This bear might be grumpy but the great deals on Rogue Redhead Designs are sure to cheer him up!

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  1. The little faces on ALL of the Grizzly Bears--they're so expressive!!!


  2. he's such a great little bear! Debi x


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