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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Simple Set Saturday: Rolled Distress

It is a well-documented fact that I am not the most patient person in the world.  My impatience applies to backgrounds too!  Today, I will show you a little twist on an easy technique to satisfy all those of you, who like me, don't like hanging around waiting for ink to dry!

One of the easiest backgrounds I know is swishing glossy cardstock through misted distress ink.  I love all the great effects and the soft color, but I often find myself disappointed when some of the more obvious ridges, waves and splotches have faded by the time it all dries.  While cleaning up my craft room, I discovered a sponge roller in one of my drawers and I came up with an idea.  I would run the roller over the newly wet cardstock immediately to take away a lot of the moisture.  It worked fabulously!

Here's how I did it!  First, I picked out 2 Ranger Distress Inks that had similar shading, one light and one dark.  I started out with Broken China and Tumbled Glass and later played with Victorian Velvet and Spun Sugar.

I took out my craft sheet and added one stripe of Tumbled Glass down the middle of the sheet. 

I then added two stripes of Broken China on either side of the Tumbled Glass.

I misted the inky mess until I saw small droplets appear on the craft sheet. 

I had some scraps of glossy cardstock which I thought would be great for experimentation purposes.  I laid each piece on the misted distress ink and then dragged it through the inks in an S-pattern to get some interesting layers of ink.

Here's what it looked like:

I then used my sponge roller and rolled it across the moist cardstock a few times, rolling back and forth but in the same general direction. 

The sponge picked up much of the moisture, darkening the ink pattern and slightly spattering it.  Here are my pieces done in both the blues and pinks.

I only had to let these pieces dry for a moment before they were dry enough to stamp.  I looked for interesting patterns and over-stamped my images, using Archival Ink, to best take advantage of the visual texture.

Once all my pieces were stamped, I trimmed them and created a mat in black of 1/8" larger than my cropped image and a second mat of 3/8" larger than the cropped image in a coordinating color.  I also looked for various embellishments to add interest.  I did not want to use the same embellishment on each card, so I had a bit of a play and came up with brads, eyelets, plastic flowers and a piece of ribbon.

I used a corner rounder on the opposite corners of each image and their corresponding mats for another little touch to create that "set" feel.

The finished cards have a cohesive look but each is different from its mates.

Stamps: Swingers and sentiment from Relish Reading plate

Stamps: girl from Beach Babes and sentiment from Relish Reading

Stamps: Reading girl from Relish Reading and sentiment from Bits and Pieces

Stamps: boy and sentiment from Beach Babes plate

Hope you have some fun with this little twist and make your own inky messes!


  1. Great tutorial & I love the effect!!

  2. Love the backgrounds- will have to give this a try- love your cards!

  3. Very, very stylish and elegant. xx

  4. What a great way to set the background. I, too, have been disappointed when my cards have dries and the contrast isn't as strong. Great idea...thanks for sharing that tip. Your cards turned out sweet. I like the opposit corners being rounded and matted. It really complements the images.

  5. simply fabulous! thank youfor this trick. beautiful cards. xo


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