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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sharon Briss: A Little Stamping Goes a Long Way

Sometimes, you only need a little stamping to complete a project. That was true of this project. I had painted the canvas with a variety of greens, blues and purples but it still needed a little something. 

I decided to ground the colors by stamping the honeycomb background from Getting Grizzly in black on the corners of painted surface which accomplished two goals - providing visual texture and a contrast color and setting up a bridge between the background and the text pages that I had chosen as part of my collage.  It also picked up the black in the birds and butterfly.  To give it more of a rustic feel, I dd not fully ink the stamp before applying it the canvas.

While I loved the energy of this canvas and all the great vintage images, I need something to tie the components together so I chose a quote from Floriculture, shaped the cardstock into a tag and distressed it to match the feel of the rest of the canvas.   Here color was important again.  I chose this light green to pick up the fragments of green in the background and in the images.  By distressing it with tea dye ink, I was able to get a closer match to what was on my canvas.

Finally, I added a couple of sentiments from Floriculture stamped directly onto the canvas - Le Jardin and Fleur.  Along with the garden/flowers theme, I added a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the corner.  I again used the fresh green to bring everything into nice harmony.

So take a look at some of your stamps and see if they would add that little je ne sais quoi to your canvas creations.


  1. Very pretty canvas Shar and loving those stamped words. Annette x

  2. Beautiful colors! I love seeing collage style LO's, but I have such a hard time with them :) Fabulous 3D elements with the flowers.

  3. Awesome canvas. I love the vivid colors. The distress stamping really adds dimension. Beautiful job.

  4. I love this, Shar-Your quote does tie it all together perfectly. The honeycomb stamping is great, it gives it such depth!

  5. simply lovely! all works together in harmony. xo

  6. Now thats what I call a Beautiful summer collage! Wonderful use of colors Shar!
    hugs Lynn


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