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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Simple Set Sunday: Scene Peeks

Simple does not need to be boring and flat doesn't need to be yawn-inducing.  Today, I am playing with some one-layer cards while playing with the idea of dimension. 

I started experimenting when I was playing with my Nature Notes set.  I wanted to see the woman in front of those lovely trees and I was fiddling around with how to mask it when I thought of creating a window.  An idea was born. 

In this first card, I used the stamped borders of both the image on the front of the card and the image on the inside to contain my little scene.  I stamped the inside image first and,  placing my card on my tuled cutting mat, I aligned the image that would be on the front of the card.  After closing the card and rechecking (truthfully about six times) the position of my focal image, I stamped the woman on the front of the card.  I colored both images with copic markers and then set about cutting out my window with some sharp scissors.

This is the view when the card is standing.  You can see both the front image and a peek of the scene behind...hence the name of this post. 

Stamps: woman and sentiment from Nature Notes (Rogue Redhead Designs)

For this card, I decided to use two sentiments - one inside and one outside.  When the card is open you can see the lovely autumn scene behind our lovely young woman.

Stamps: woods scene and sentiment from Nature Notes (Rogue Redhead Designs)

I was so happy with how this card turned out that I made a couple more and realized how versatile this little format could become.  This is a card using the Getting Grizzly set.  My thought was to show this slightly grumpy bear a little apart from his pals in the tree.  I used my oval cutting guide to create the oval that surrounds him with a black marker.  I did not want to create any folds or scrunched bits when I cut out the "excess" around each image, so I used a hole punch to give me a starting place in the white space that I would be removing.

Stamps:Grumpy bear and sentiment from Getting Grizzly (Rogue Redhead Designs)
For this inside of this one, I decided to use the group of bears in the tree.  I colored the sky in a very soft blue and let it have an undefined edge to keep it all "natural" feeling.  The bee is there because I just love that bee!

Stamps:Bear group and sentiment from Getting Grizzly (Rogue Redhead Designs)

For my final play with this format, I dug out my Beach Babes set.  Summer is slowly setting for the year, so I decided to create a sunset seaside scene.  The boy is on the beach in the foreground looking out to sea.  The sentiment reads "My life is like a stroll upon the beach, as near the ocean's edge as I can go".  It's a quote I love by Thoreau. 

Stamps: beach boy and sentiment from Beach Babes (Rogue Redhead Designs)

On the inside of the card, you get the full view of what he was looking at - a sailboat on a sunset-lit backdrop.

Stamps: sailboat  from Beach Babes (Rogue Redhead Designs)
Why not play with creating your own scene peeks?  I would love to see what you create!


  1. Fabulous, these are rockin' XOXO Zoe

  2. These are well Cool!!!! love the window effect and the colours :-) Deb x

  3. I love this idea! I will have to see what stamps I have that will benefit from this technique.

  4. fabulous idea! these all look fantastic!

  5. How cool is this! I love the scenes you create- the cut out window is a great idea!

  6. oh these are TOTALLY gorgeous! wow. well done. xo

  7. What a fantastic idea. Works so well!

  8. This is an awesome idea!!!!! Beautiful cards!!! :)

  9. What a super idea!! Really great cards.

  10. Great idea. I will have to try this. The lady one is my favorite.

  11. Those are really wonderful, Shar. Love the lady on top, the most!

  12. Oh! That window idea is so cool! My fave is the first one.

  13. Brilliant idea. These cards look fabulous!


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