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Thursday, March 14, 2013

trisha too: a sentimental atc? maybe . . .

Well, okay, no, it's not sentimental in the traditional sense of the word,
but in keeping with the latest Rebel Challenge, the focus of this atc
is, in fact, on the sentiment:

The background papers are mono prints, but I added stamps from the
Behind the Scenes plate for added depth.  And the sentiment is from 
the Relish Reading plate--makes sense, right? 

(Wanna know a lil' secret?  I didn't leave the atc like this . . . if you want
to see the rest of the story, you can come take a peek HERE.)


  1. The colours remind me of Spring Trisha and great sentiment.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

    1. That is a great sentiment, isn't it? One of my favorites from RRD! Thank you, Brenda.


  2. Trisha, this is wonderful! I love that saying, guess it's because I am a reader and I find that it is so true.

  3. Amazing, ATC! Beautiful quote too.

  4. That's a really glorious sentiment - and wonderful flowers!
    Alison x


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