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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taking a Moment

Today, Rogue Redhead Designs is taking a moment of quiet to say that our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with all those affected by the horrific events surrounding the Boston Marathon yesterday.

We are saddened by the deaths and many injuries that have resulted from this senseless act of violence.

We applaud all those in the Commonwealth and around the nation who have already offered help, support and their well wishes.  Of course, Boston is an amazing city and it rallied quickly and forcefully.  The Red Cross had so many people willing to donate blood, including many of the Marathon runners,  that they were posting that they had enough within hours of the attack.  Offers poured in from the surroundng communities on Twitter and Facebook to assist people displaced by the evacuation.

The goodness and giving of the citizens of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the whole nation and the outpouring of support from the rest of the world is heartwarming and unbelievably inspirting. 


  1. Very sad and beautifully said!

  2. I immediately thought of you when I heard about this terrible event in Boston. My prayers are with your city, family and friends and the victims and their families


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