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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rebel Challenge 24: Slender Benders - Moos and Scraplings

This time around we are asking all our Rogues to get skinny with their art!  Create your own Scraplings and Moos and share them right here! 

Slender Benders
Scrapling Aetwork by Annette Goatley
Stamps: roses and sentiemnts from Floriculture (Rogue Redhead Designs)

We reserve the right to delete submissions that do not
follow our guidelines!

Please check our FAQ for all the info on our challenges! Here's the short version.

1) You can use any products to participate in this challenge. You do not have to use Rogue Redhead Designs products but it would be fabulous if you did!

2) Your submission must include some stamping.

3) Please read the directions for the challenge. We like to add a twist here and there. Your submission must be use either a Moo (1 1/8" x 2 3/4") or a Scrapling (1 1/2" x 4.25" folded).

4) Only links that are to a single post (ie only to a general blog post) will be accepted.

5) All submission posts need to include a link back to this challenge to be eligible for the challenge prize.  Please note: the challenge must be named in your list and not simply listed by its URL.  Thank you.

6) You can submit up to 3 entries and you may combine this challenge with  only up to 5 other challenges, but more than that and you will disqualify yourself and your submission will be deleted..

One challenge winner will be drawn randomly from the qualified submissions for a $15.00 US voucher at the Rogue Redhead Designs Store. This challenge will end on July 7, 2013. The winner will be announced on July 10, 2013 and will have until August 10, 2013 to claim their prize.

Here's some easy ideas to get you started!

Moo Artwork by Sharon Briss
Stamps: Sequin Waste & Handwritten Music Background
from Behind the Scenes; cosmos blossom from
Floriculture (Rogue Redhead Designs)

Paintchip Scrapling Artwork by Sharon Briss
Stamp: Beach Boy from Beach Babes
 (Rogue Redhead Designs)

Scrapling Artwork by Sharon Briss
Stamps:Forest Scene and sentiment
from Nature Notes  (Rogue Redhead Designs)

Come back and visit our blog over the next month to see some more scraplings and moos! 

Now, it's your turn! Find your creative rebel spirit!


  1. Great challenge! I haven't made these for quite a while. Off to see what I can come up with.

  2. There are so many wonderful RRD stamps perfect for this challenge--can't wait to make mine! Your samples are lovely--the rose trio is very striking

  3. Good challenge, love making scraplings. Never made a Moo, may have to give that one a try too.

  4. Wonderful inspiration for a really great challenge!
    Alison x

  5. Netty's sample is a sensation! cool challenge XOXO

  6. Great inspiration. Thank you for this challenge.

  7. Gorgeous inspiration and great challenge,
    Rosie x


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