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Thursday, July 18, 2013

trisha too: sketchy at best . . . and is it just me?

Get it?  Sketchy at best?  As in, it's questionable?

It makes sense, seeing as my interpretation of the latest Rogue Redhead 
Challenge (Get Sketchy) is, in fact, somewhat sketchy . . .

Using some spritzy paper I'd been saving (a big sheet that developed over
time, as it was the paper used to keep my floor clean while spraying other things),
I stamped three panels with my favorite background stamps, although the ink
used for the musical score didn't do the image justice. 

 Then added the "You Only Live Once" sentiment from the This N That plate:
A little different from the original sketch, but still in the ballpark?  And if you win
the challenge, hey--$15.00 towards those great backgrounds, or maybe these--

One of my favorite Rogue sets!

These two plates are bundled as a special right now--the
This N That and Milliner Misses.  Now tell me, does anyone else look at the lovely ladies on these plates and think they'd be perfect for some Downton Abbey themed somethings??

Or is it just me?
Seriously, Downton Abbey!


  1. I only have one of their stamps which came free with a magazine and I love the styles. Hugs Mrs a.

    1. Well Mrs. A, sounds like you need to join the challenge!!!


  2. What a stunning background!
    Alison x

  3. Awesome use of the background stamps! Love the colors.

  4. Thank you--those accidental backgrounds are sometimes the best!



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