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Thursday, September 26, 2013

trisha too: RRD Backgrounds on EVERYTHING!

Seriously, I use my Rogue background stamps on everything. Nothing seems complete without them.
Right now, my favorites ("right now" because "favorites" changes with the wind) are the Handwritten
Music and Handwriting Background, which are available as singles.

Some recent Rogue-ish makes, using my current faves:
pose-me paper dolls--Handwritten Music

Halloween atc--that background would not be complete without the Handwriting Background!

Uh oh, wait a minute--these book pages for a swap, they have the Handwriting,

Told you my favorites change . . . 


  1. Gorgeous makes Trisha. Love the background stamps. I can see why you love them

    TFS Annie x

  2. These are such fun. I agree with you, The Behind the Scenes backgrounds are wonderful.


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