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Friday, March 28, 2014

Helene Huber: March Hares

I'm playing with some overlapping themes today.

It's still March, so I'm using this month's color prompts of purple, green and gold.

It's our third month for the Holiday Inspiration Club.  This month, the prompt is to make your own backgrounds.

I decided to venture into the world of washi tape to create my background.  The green roll was a store bought item.  I made my own washi tape for the purple and gold strips using design elements from Rogue Redhead Designs stamp plates onto soft white ultra matte sticker paper sold for this very purpose.
The purple pattern can be found in the Floriculture stamp half plate found HERE.
The thin gold pattern is included in the Beach Babes stamp plate found HERE.
I used white card stock as the base.  I spaced the tape so that there would be some white showing in-between the strips.  I folded back the excess on the edges.

This bunny stamp set is so adorable.  You can find Beatrix Potter A Winter's Tale in the Rogue Redhead Designs, LLC store under "other manufacturers" HERE.

Even though they're winter bunnies, I decided these two could pass for spring bunnies aka March hares. Where I live, we always need a coat or jacket until mid-May.

I wanted to use the washi tape for the little bunny's coat.  Since the tape is so narrow and I wanted to make sure the stamp hit the tape in the right place, I used this technique:  put the bunny stamp on one acrylic plate, with the stamp surface face up.  Put the tape on another acrylic block (it sticks because it's tape).  Press the tape onto the stamp. You cane line it up perfectly and since the tape is transparent,  you can see where the stamp is leaving its mark on the tape.  Just cut out and apply!

I hope you'll hop on by the store and pick up some of these versatile stamp plates.  I'm looking forward to seeing what inspires you.


  1. Sweet card, Helene! I love that you made your own Washi tape with the stamps! Super idea and it turned out great. Love the title and your bunny's jacket.

  2. What a great card. The bright colors and the cute bunnies are wonderful.


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