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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Holiday Inspiration Club: Tags with Helene Huber

Holiday greetings from your hostess, Helene! I'm here to kick off this month's Holiday Inspiration Club theme which is tags.

It seems like I'm always making last minute tags around the holidays.  Even if I think I have enough, someone in the family will ask me for a few for their gift giving.  Better yet, the craftier family members will just ask where the ink and stamps are and make their own.  These Rogue Redhead stamps will be perfect for that request!  But this month, we're going to get ahead of the curve.

I put gift tags in two categories.  One:  the throw-aways.  Two:  the keepers.  I've made a few samples which I hope will inspire you.

The throw-aways: Let's be realistic-- not everyone keeps even the best of handmade goodness.  To keep from crying when you see your tag go into the trash bag along with the wrapping paper, keep it simple.

As easy as it can get, some navy blue ink and a manila tag with a bit of crocheted trim--you could have a fistful in a matter of minutes.  Stamp: Alice from RRD015 Winter Women
Giving a book?  Try a simple bookmark tag.  (I don't use water soluble ink on bookmarks.)  Stamps: Thomas from RRD001 Relish Reading; Handwriting background from  RRD012 Behind the Scenes; and sentiment from BPO001 A Winter's Tale
(Okay, this one might end up in the keeper pile, or at least find it's way into the gifted book for the duration of the read.)

Stamps: tree, holly silhouette Santa and sentimentfrom Christmas Cheer

Add a bit of interest with metallic ink, heat embossed powder and a gel pen, or an embossing folder.
RRD014 Christmas Cheer

The keepers:  These are for the people you know will appreciate your artistic efforts and will want to keep the tag as a magnet on the refrigerator, or as a scrapbook page embellishment.  If I don't see that happening, I retrieve those tags and recycle them Christmas after Christmas---just like those Christmas stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle.  Of course, it always warms my heart when I'm visiting someone who removes the tag from their gift and promptly hangs it on their Christmas tree.  Yes!

Stamps: Santa, Twas the Night background, and sentiment from Christmas Cheer

I love these stamps because the images are just the right size for holiday tag making.  Now's the time to get your stamps out (or ordered) and make a few tags.  When the holidays roll around, you'll be glad you did!

Want to show off your own tags?  Join in!

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  1. They are all cute, but I really like that schoolboy tag. I like his vintage look with the brown tones. Very nice.


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