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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Honeys with Sweet Backgrounds

Just in time for Halloween, we have some quicky cards for you to make for all your favorite ghoulfriends and fiendish family members!

For this project, I made use of some fabulous Halloween collage images and added a quick and easy background to give each image the right kind of spooktacular backdrop.

For the background panels, I cut 3 panels of glossy cardstock measuring 3.75" x 5.00".  I sponged several orange hued distress inks onto the cardstock.  I used a couple different methods and was happy to have correspondingly different looks.  For the first one, I sponged the distress ink onto the cardstock in stripes, alternating light and dark colors.  For the second, I sponged on the distress ink in circular patches.  For the last, I started with the lightest color and added stripes from light to dark across the panel.

Once the panels were covered with distress ink, I set up the second step to these backgrounds and placed my reverse sequin background stamp onto an acrylic block, making sure it was clean of all former inks, debris and dust.  I misted the stamp fairly heavily with water.  I then placed the distress inked panels face down on the background stamp and applied even pressure.  This "water stamping" technique removes some of the ink from the panel for a reverse image effect.

I set my background aside to dry and selected 3 rectangular collage images and cut them close to their borders.  I decided on the mat colors and shapes and created both mats for the images and for the background panels.  I also cut 3 8.5" x 5.5" card bases, folding them in half.

Now, my panels were dry.  I inked up some of my other background stamps and overstamped these backgrounds on my prepared panels.  The overstamping provides some inky interest while the distress ink layered backgrounds below add depth and visual texture.

Here are the finished results:

Stamps: Reverse Sequin Waste and Handwriting backgrounds from the
Behind the Scenes collection (Rogue Redhead Designs)

Stamps: Reverse Sequin Waste and Handwritten Music backgrounds from the 
Behind the Scenes collection (Rogue Redhead Designs)

Stamps: Reverse Sequin Waste from the Behind the Scenes collection and
Netting Background from the Just Sayin' set (
Rogue Redhead Designs)
Quick, easy and lots of pop for my favorite freaky holiday!

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  1. Love your backgrounds, which make those images even more adorable, Sharon! Great Halloween cards!

  2. great the vintage Halloween images...


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